Hi there, My name is Eman Almallahi, I Live in Jordan.I've been interested in Art and Design since a young age. loved to draw as a child and still do. I graduated with first-class honours for my Bachelors of Fine Arts with a major in Interior Design and Applied Arts from Yarmouk University. 
Many years back I used to draw on the sideline of my books, it all started with little drawings here and there,Then it turned to be much more than that. When I draw I feel connected to myself and forget everything around me, in somehow it makes me feel calmer and relaxed.
 My Artwork is inspired by nature, I look at nature a lot to get inspiration. Seeing form and structure of everything around me, through my work I try to connect between forms and textures, Bending lines with a rhythm.
The purpose of my Artwork is to create new shapes by connecting between things in  a new light.
Eman Almallahi is  a member of the International Association Of Visual Artists IAVA in Florence, Italy since August 2020.