PARAÌSO International Art Exhibition


Eman took a part alongside amazing artists from all over the world in a contemporary, digital exhibition "PARAÌSO" at M.A.D.S. Art Gallery located in Milan and Fuerteventura.

Eman Almallahi is a young artist and designer who has loved this world since an early age. Her taste for decoration and the combination of shapes and lines is impressive. She creates elegant, intricate and well thought-out compositions, full of decorative motifs inspired by nature. Eman is inspired by the forms that surround her, taking them up and readapting them, giving them a new light and a new look. Nature inspires her and induces her to take up the shapes that make it up to create creative works. Her interest and knowledge in the world of design is reflected in the refined aesthetics of the images she produces, putting together various different elements to arrive at a visual synthesis that surprises the viewer.
In her work 'Deep Sea' there is an obvious reference to the marine world, made up of forms that twist on themselves,soft lines and curves that recall the multitude of species that live in the deepest depths of the sea. The work is open to different interpretations, entrusted to the subjectivity of the viewer. Eman's creative research is evident. With flat lines and the sole use of black and white, he creates depth, dynamism and a compositional movement with a focus on the central point. Each element created is meticulously finished, detailed and blends perfectly with the rest. A harmonious chaos that finds its interpretation in the refined contrast of black andwhite.
The centripetal movement of the previous painting is also taken up in 'Underwater Chaos', as is the colour scheme. More space is left for the colour white, which does not merely fill but conquers its own space, making its way through intricate lines and shapes. A tangle of elements with undulating silhouettes induce the viewer to look towards the central point. The decorativism is very strong, as is the search for fillers to fill the space. Eman tries to recreate a kind of horror vacui, decorating every inch at his disposal.
Once again, the inspiration is naturalistic and marine, an intricate tangle but harmonious and balanced in its chaos. Of a different composition but the same style is 'BrainWaves'. If in the previous designs black prevailed, here it is the opposite colour, white. Undulating shapes create tentacles that seem to want to break free, to free themselves in space. The surface is not delimited and adapts to the decoration, not vice versa. The neutral/white background allows the shapes to stand out even more. If in the previous paintings, the elements were all made in detail but different, here the tentacles are all made with the same technique. Their distinctiveness lies in the compositional play they create, juxtaposed with each other.
Eman is an innovative, eclectic and extremely precise artist. She leaves nothing to chance but creates works that can be read from multiplepoints of view. She synthesises the forms of nature and reworks them in a modern and minimalist way. Impossible not to be enthralled and strongly fascinated by her drawings.

Art Curator Ilaria Falchetti